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Raw North

Prints, Tattoo ideas

I have always been drawn to mythology and history.The tales and the characters have always inspired me even as a child.I am very thankful for the people who kept them alive and transferred them to me in the best possible way.

As i was growing up i realized the qualities that these tales included.I just needed to isolate them and present them.This is what it is all about.Presenting the things that move and inspire me.The things that intrigue me and set my curiosity in motion.The things that i want to uncover and the qualities i value.

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Theater Of War

Apparel inspired by history

Theatre of War is an independent company that specialises in creating designs based on Archaeological finds and historical illustrations. Their designs range from Prehistory up to the Viking Age and they also specialize in custom works based on actual artefacts from history

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Heathens Greetings US

Heathen woodcrafts, runes, home decor + more

Hello, I'm JM Olofsson. I am the acting shaman of Urdr Dypt Kindred in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA. I began crafting in 2018.

I sensed a desire within the heathen community worldwide for quality heathen made, hand made goods. I seek to honor the gods and reconnect myself and others with our roots and lost paths. From all this my store was born. My hope is that I can provide you with something to make your journey along this path more fulfilling.

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Prints, cartography, comissions

I've always been fascinated by Norse and Celtic (even Wiccan!) mythology. I started my journey into paganism fairly recently and immediately got into it, experimenting with different styles (historical and not) to learn the most I could. My main inspirations are the Eddas and the holidays, of which I have a series of illustrations on my shop! Also, if you can't find what you're looking for, I'm available to help you make your idea come true through commissions!

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Jewelry, bonecraft

Being passionate about mythology and the history of religions, I started this small business with handmade bone jewelry inspired by Ancient, Primitive, Tribal cultures with a particular focus on Old Norse ā€“ Viking worship. I have always had a strong interest in the Scandinavian Mythology, even from my childhood, when instead of doing my homework, I was reading about Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya & co. May the Old Gods be with you!

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I create folk style goddess art prints from different mythologies, including Norse, Slavic, Greek, Celtic etc. My focus is to bring attention the the divine feminine, and 5% of the proceeds from each purchase goes for donation to a local charity called Estonian Women Shelter Association to help women in need. Also all of my prints have free world wide shipping! Come have a look if it peeked your interest!

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You could be here!

Whatever you enjoy doing

Check below for more info on how to apply, we await to see your talent and hope to be in touch very soon!

About the Community Marketplace

What is this?
To the Viewer

If there is something you can't find on the internet after hours or even days of browsing and searching your eyes blue perhaps you can find it here, be it the perfect gift for your heathen friend or a treat for yourself. We hope to add new interesting people to here often and will keep you updated what new things are being created in the community!

To the Creator

The intent is to promote other creators who do similar things in the community, be it jewelry, clothing, custom bindrunes, artwork what ever. The point is also to hopefully inspire people to be more creative, to further that skill in their life as hopefully this here gives a great starting point and maybe a small boost as well.

The numbers

A bit about the statistics, the site is currently closing in on over a 1000 great visitors daily with the avarge duration on the site currently being 3 minutes and 11 seconds. They either shop around, read the blog, use the rune translator or create some staves for themselves to get as merch, be tattooed or burned into wood etc and we intend to create more fun and interactive things on here.

So with this I'd like to highlight other great creators in the community, perhaps you do something that someone out of those 1000 people really like but they just cant find you. I see too many copy-paste low effort stuff being advertised left and right and after I started advertising I got a lot of positive comments how refreshing the stuff was. And I know there are many people who create great stuff like this out there so this is my intent to share and shine a light on you hopefully!

Bare with us!

We are still new to this and don't know how it will work so bare with us while we fine tune it and experiment to provide the best experience to you and the people! All suggestions are more than welcome and we'd be thankful if you would share your ideas with us! You can email us at

Current setup

As of 22-Jan-2020

So how it currently works:

As a starters we'll feature 10-20 artists possibly and rotate the first place every 3 days. This way everyone should have an equal "air" time I think, we'll see how it goes and finetune it along the way!

So if you're at the first place for three days then you go to the bottom and move upwards again, I think this is a pretty fair solution

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