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Viking Background Wallpapers

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What is this?

I create artwork and post it on my instagram @valhyr. I do artworks inspired mostly by the pagan past, norse mythology, Vikingage, Bronzeage, heathenry and such. I've been requested to provide those in better format for inspiration or as downloadable backgrounds so this is what it is!

How can I use these?

These are completely free for personal use. Personal use means you can tattoo these (I'm very honored if you do!), as a tattoo artist you can add these to your catalogue to offer to clients, you can use them on your woodburning, leatherworking, crafting etc projects. What you are not allowed to do though is resell these on any mediums like tshirts, posters, etc - I think you catch the drift!

A design that I like is not on here?

Leave a comment below with the instagram url or a name of that picture and I will post it soon enough!

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  • Jbili

    Amazing!! been looking for a similar website for a long time and i finally came across this one and i love it!! i’m binge reading all the content!

  • Ro.M


  • Joey Knight

    I have viking heritage and this is as accurate as it gets. It’s fucking awesome.

  • Wes

    Any chance to get these upscaled to 4k?

  • Ro.M

    Do you plan to restock your folk bands?

  • Andreas Weber

    The new Muninn plucking a feather! ❤️

  • Justin

    Have you ever done a lyngbakr?

  • Alec M

    Pls add Asgard

  • Alec

    pls Add Asgard

  • Alex

    Could you create a baldr line of items?? Baldr is one of my most cherished gods and I would love to see a shirt and pendent/amulet.

  • Eduardo

    Is there a chance for ratatosk wallpaper it’s perfect!!!

  • Cam

    Add Loki please

  • Rasmus

    if you could add these ones would be cool !




    thank you very much :D

  • Rasmus

    could you put this on here :D

  • Weston Gray

    I was wondering if you could make an artwork of Valhalla; I understand that you have “Norse Afterlife”, but you know, maybe just to show a depiction of what all Norse of the Vikingage wished to go to in the after life.

  • David

    Looking for a wallpaper of https://www.instagram.com/p/CvITMiwrunP/

  • Nicholas

    I was looking for a wallpaper with the design for the Amulet of Hel. I’m from Argentina and since I was unable to get it because of shipping restrictions, and it’s sold out, maybe at least I can have her as a wallpaper (and maybe a tattoo)


  • Coral

    Can you please add these? Either separate or together in one image would be cool!



  • Brandon

    This is great artwork! I would like to see what you do for loki and his wolf and serpent

  • Kya

    Where is Sleipnir ?

  • Jordan

    Could you made something with a bear, jera and laguz runes, please.

  • Justin Oakley

    Got any baldr art work ?

  • Bvfreak

    Hello Sir! Could you post here the big version of your Instagram Post “The Life Tree” from OKTOBER 22, 2019 please? Thank you in advance and like allways nice Work!

  • Thorfinn Oakenshield

    Please do keep making more like everyone else in the comments. Your work is incredible I love coming on here after a couple of months and seeing all the new art!

  • Sadettin Gürcan

    Love your work! I want to use some of your drawings on my shaman drums. Can you upload the norns on a ship please. Thank you for all that

  • Shannon

    I love your artwork! Do you have anything regarding Loki?

  • Intra Mundum

    This page is so beautiful, thanks for the awesome art

  • Heath Wyld

    Could you please add one to this page.

    On your FB Dec 9, 2019: Heart’s Home

    It’s my dream home.

  • Genrych

    Hey man, what an amazing job you do!
    Could you also upload this funny Odin version https://www.instagram.com/p/Chz1OtjLRTG ?

  • Odinson

    I love those pictures! Design and idea are fabulous! I got some for my tattoos and are very thankful for that. Each tattoo gets your valhyr sign down under it. It would be grate if you would add some Prosa Edda words or songs to it. Like this one- „ the night is dark, we will ride to Valhallar, we will come to the holy Halls!“ ( Freya)

    Thanks a lot

  • Tom Hare

    Amazing work! Would love to see a Hare

  • Josh

    I am so happy I found this!!!! I’ve been looking for some art like this! Thank you!

  • Dylan

    Where’s daddy freyr

  • Jacob

    Would like to see all the backgrounds from Sept. 2020 – Now posted. I’ve been running the current backgrounds as a slideshow on my pc desktop for a couple years now and would love to add the new creations to it.

  • Sami

    Do you have any Thor backgrounds?

  • Nauk


  • Martha

    I really love your work, it’s amazing, it’s stunning, thank you for this precious gifts

  • Martin

    Amazing work with these guys!

  • Ulysses

    Its an amazing job, and thanx for sharing!!!

  • Niccolò Angelis

    Fantastic job!!! Really clean yet complicated designs!
    Could you do all Ragnar’s Sons or Lagertha? Really interested to create a tattoo with all their faces!!

  • Leopoldo Lozano ruiz


  • Dannie

    It would be really cool if you could have more Jörd stuff. Thanks! 🙏🏻

  • Belén Morales

    absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be sure to recommend your work anywhere. I got here thanks to an Asgardian, and wow, what a surprise. Thanks for sharing your art! ⚔️🍺✨

  • Claudia (@lebe._deinen_.traum)

    You’ve done an incredible job at creating a brand that’s open to everyone with all the backgrounds. My first sweater from here was a gift and I’m seriously considering getting a Paypal account just for all the other fancy stuff you have to offer lol. Keep it up honestly. And for anyone looking to keep their white sweaters and apparel truly white: get those color absorbing wipes you can add to the laundry. Just a tip <3

  • Valhyr (rly lol)

    Heya, I dunno how to reply on here :D Anyway – Background will be back very soon! Working on a site revamp that will have the valhyrik stave back as well and I expect it to be ready anytime in March, latest in April – but def aiming for March. Thank you for all the kind words everyone!

  • Francisco

    Significado de una runa

  • Edgar Himonen

    Dear, Valhyr what’s happened with Backgrounds/Wallpapers section of your site? Its still not available. Those Wallpapers was marvelous! Hope they will be available for download soon!, and one more time thank you for you great work!

  • Joseph D

    I ABSOLUTELY love your art style in every single way!!! I’m planning on getting some of it tattooed. The biggest thing I want tattooed is the whole Geri and freki hoodie design but I can’t get a good image close up of the design. Is there anyway I could get a better image of the design on the geri and freki hoodie?

  • Manuel


    I would love to get this one as my next tattooo
    You are an amazing artist and as soon as it goes, i will send you a little thank you to your pay pal

  • Jeremy Vega

    I want to get this one as a tattoo but it’d need a better quality pic than an screenshot from IG. So I’d really appreciate if you upload this pic here in order for me/us to get a better quality pic. ;)


  • Manu

    Can you upload this one too?

  • Charles

    Hey, I LOVE the designs of the ceremonial masks with horns, specifically the very center one, if you could add that one I would be ecstatic, thank you!!! :)

  • Alex Harsvik

    I really love the Tyr’s path hoodie I received and the mask. The quality is awesome and will continue to be a loyal customer. Takk!

  • Julius Tenderro

    i saw an image on your instagram that i’d love to use for a tattoo design and phone background. could you possibly add it your website? It would be much appreciated. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5I7KoTnzTA/
    Thanks, J. Tenderro

  • Haley Moore

    Could you please add your Odin’s Gaze design here? I absolutely love it! Thank you ~

  • Arkadiy Solonin

    Great images!
    I took a few for the Asatru group in the Urals (Russia).

  • Derek Carney

    I have your full set of the odins path sweatshirt and joggers. So comfortable and they look amazing. A must have for the modern viking in your lives

  • Michael Hefner

    I’m trying to create a custom stave with my daughters name. I’d like to do it for a tattoo idea that I have but whenever I click on it, it just takes me to apparel. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Naomi Elizabeth

    Absolutely love your work!! I have your Skadi design as a tattoo 💜

  • George Campbell

    I received my Vegvisir hoodie, i am very satisfied with the design and the quality of the garment, thank you very much, best wishes to you and i hope your business thrives, thanks again, George.

  • Liam Patient

    There’s not many artist’s like you. Very open and fucking awesome! Can’t wait to get a full leg piece of your work! SKÅL!