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Viking Background Wallpapers

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What is this?

I create artwork and post it on my instagram @valhyr. I do artworks inspired mostly by the pagan past, norse mythology, Vikingage, Bronzeage, heathenry and such. I've been requested to provide those in better format for inspiration or as downloadable backgrounds so this is what it is!

Do I need to pay?

No you don't, these are completely free for personal use - meaning you can use them for your own purpose, but not for reselling. Personal use means as an inspiration for your own tattoo, to create tattoos of these or tattoos inspired by these as a tattoo artist, leatherworking, woodburning and so on and I would be very honored if you found something you like from what I've created! If you wish though then you can support me at my paypal or by grabbing something from the shop

How do I use these?

So click on a picture you like, it will open an enlarged version of it and on computer right click and "save image as" and on the phone if you hold down on the picture it should provide you the option to save it or you can screenshot it.

A design that I like is not on here?

Leave a comment below with the instagram url or a name of that picture and I will post it soon enough!

Unlock all backgrounds
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  • Sami

    Do you have any Thor backgrounds?

  • Nauk


  • Martha

    I really love your work, it’s amazing, it’s stunning, thank you for this precious gifts

  • Martin

    Amazing work with these guys!

  • Ulysses

    Its an amazing job, and thanx for sharing!!!

  • Niccolò Angelis

    Fantastic job!!! Really clean yet complicated designs!
    Could you do all Ragnar’s Sons or Lagertha? Really interested to create a tattoo with all their faces!!

  • Leopoldo Lozano ruiz


  • Dannie

    It would be really cool if you could have more Jörd stuff. Thanks! 🙏🏻

  • Belén Morales

    absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be sure to recommend your work anywhere. I got here thanks to an Asgardian, and wow, what a surprise. Thanks for sharing your art! ⚔️🍺✨

  • Claudia (@lebe._deinen_.traum)

    You’ve done an incredible job at creating a brand that’s open to everyone with all the backgrounds. My first sweater from here was a gift and I’m seriously considering getting a Paypal account just for all the other fancy stuff you have to offer lol. Keep it up honestly. And for anyone looking to keep their white sweaters and apparel truly white: get those color absorbing wipes you can add to the laundry. Just a tip <3

  • Valhyr (rly lol)

    Heya, I dunno how to reply on here :D Anyway – Background will be back very soon! Working on a site revamp that will have the valhyrik stave back as well and I expect it to be ready anytime in March, latest in April – but def aiming for March. Thank you for all the kind words everyone!

  • Francisco

    Significado de una runa

  • Edgar Himonen

    Dear, Valhyr what’s happened with Backgrounds/Wallpapers section of your site? Its still not available. Those Wallpapers was marvelous! Hope they will be available for download soon!, and one more time thank you for you great work!

  • Joseph D

    I ABSOLUTELY love your art style in every single way!!! I’m planning on getting some of it tattooed. The biggest thing I want tattooed is the whole Geri and freki hoodie design but I can’t get a good image close up of the design. Is there anyway I could get a better image of the design on the geri and freki hoodie?

  • Manuel


    I would love to get this one as my next tattooo
    You are an amazing artist and as soon as it goes, i will send you a little thank you to your pay pal

  • Jeremy Vega

    I want to get this one as a tattoo but it’d need a better quality pic than an screenshot from IG. So I’d really appreciate if you upload this pic here in order for me/us to get a better quality pic. ;)


  • Manu

    Can you upload this one too?

  • Charles

    Hey, I LOVE the designs of the ceremonial masks with horns, specifically the very center one, if you could add that one I would be ecstatic, thank you!!! :)

  • Alex Harsvik

    I really love the Tyr’s path hoodie I received and the mask. The quality is awesome and will continue to be a loyal customer. Takk!

  • Julius Tenderro

    i saw an image on your instagram that i’d love to use for a tattoo design and phone background. could you possibly add it your website? It would be much appreciated. https://www.instagram.com/p/B5I7KoTnzTA/
    Thanks, J. Tenderro

  • Haley Moore

    Could you please add your Odin’s Gaze design here? I absolutely love it! Thank you ~

  • Arkadiy Solonin

    Great images!
    I took a few for the Asatru group in the Urals (Russia).

  • Derek Carney

    I have your full set of the odins path sweatshirt and joggers. So comfortable and they look amazing. A must have for the modern viking in your lives

  • Michael Hefner

    I’m trying to create a custom stave with my daughters name. I’d like to do it for a tattoo idea that I have but whenever I click on it, it just takes me to apparel. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Naomi Elizabeth

    Absolutely love your work!! I have your Skadi design as a tattoo 💜

  • George Campbell

    I received my Vegvisir hoodie, i am very satisfied with the design and the quality of the garment, thank you very much, best wishes to you and i hope your business thrives, thanks again, George.

  • Liam Patient

    There’s not many artist’s like you. Very open and fucking awesome! Can’t wait to get a full leg piece of your work! SKÅL!

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