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Valhyrik Stave

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Create your Custom Viking Stave

* Each name has a personalized spear head, compare these with your friends and family to see who you are similar with

* Scroll below to get it as a background or on hoodies, shirts, and other clothing

* Gift it as a present to friends and family or use as artwork or tattoo inspiration

* Leave a comment below for suggestions, questions or ideas

Enter your name below

Pick a text and style

Claim your stave

If the download link does not work then right click the image and click save as

If the download link does not work then hold on the picture to save it

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

Click on image to download

Custom Designs

Get the custom design on a shirt, hoodie, leggings and numerous other items for yourself or as a gift for a viking friend

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  • ᛊᚨᚾᛏᚨ

    Discovered this site while trying to translate some of the Runes on the Shrines from God of War 2018. I love it!

  • Thor Bjorn

    Honestly, for being the direct descendant of many Danish kings, and being Scandinavian, This is a great site

  • Maddie Clark

    I’m learning Vikings in history.

  • Mickal

    Thanks for allowing us to be apart of this. You guys have a bunch of really nice things to see. Have a great day.

  • Jason

    My dream is being a historian and this website was helpful for my Norse reaserch; ᚦᚨᚾᚲ ᛁᛟᚢ ᚢᛖᚱᛁ ᛗᚢᚲᚺ!

  • Alex

    Just found this website a few days ago. Absolutely love it. Made a custom stave and now have it as my phone background. Thank you! ✨

  • Elisha Pax

    The world needs more of this. History and tradition being kept alive. Thankyou for this incredible website!!

  • Martha

    Thank you for all your effort in showing us the beauties of the Nordic tradition.

  • Justina

    Ty for this it made my week

  • andy

    OMG this is the best SPEAR name so amazing I’ve already downloaded like a million keep this up
    Valhyrik <3

  • J.Lu

    Cooooooooollllllll website!

  • KevinThomasBrennan

    🌱Hello out there 👋
    💙✌️ I am just discovering this site right now!💧
    I seriously freakin dig the runestave tool! 🌱
    Very very Wicked cool website all the way around!!!
    . . . For sure! . . .
    I love it! … … <<<~ ☺️ >>>
    < … >
    << … >>
    <<< . . . >>>
    << K T B~🖤✌️♾😎🎵~K T B ~>>

  • Seppo

    Very nice!

  • Christian

    Thank you for getting this back up and running. It is going to be the basis of a tattoo honoring my ancestors.

  • Aqua


  • Mibkë


  • PaganMetalRadio


  • vaibhav

    great job fellas…

  • Emilio Ortiz



    Thank you so much!!! I love it!!!!

  • Jon Mayes

    I the clothing is brilliant and love the extras like creating the stave and the really good article on the runes.

  • Matthew Mahan

    I figured out my last name means bear, love this website!

  • Héctor

    Está supercool

  • Aclaina

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for keeping it fun!

  • Madeleine Stephenson

    What a great idea! Nice one guys, keep up the good work. I’ll take a look at your shop next week!!!