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Nine Realms of Norse Mythology

Explore the nine realms of the world creation and take a little trip with us around the Yggdrasil. As well as some archaeological finds alluding to the big oak.
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The Norns

A quick overview of the fate weaving Norns. Were there more than three norns? Where do their names originate from? And do they have connections to any of the gods from the norse pantheon? Find an answer to all of these and more questions from this article!

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  • Beau Collins

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a game the vikings played so.e sort of dice game?

  • Roger Blom

    Thanks. Very informative and entertaining. Playing the Viking Way.

  • crazyberserker

    sooo glad youre back and making these blog posts i love reading them and learning about my ancestors and their ways that i can incorporate into todays world with my family and friend! i love what you guys are doing

  • runediv @runedivination

    incredibly interesting and visually pleasing piece and I ABSOLUTELY love it! a cozy reading right before yule:)

  • karl mudgreen

    This is very well written and interesting. I love the idea of weekly articles, cant wait for the next one!

  • CharlieRay

    Thank you for this! I was just thinking about making me a Hnefatafl game board now I know what I need and what the layout should be.