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Magical Animals of Norse Mythology

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Afterlife during Vikingage

There has been a big variety of different burial rituals during Anicent Scandinavian times, and what these all mean we can only guess due to the lack of written down sources. There are however a lot of hints that has been left for us to be interpreted
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Halls of the Norse Gods

This post is a somewhat continuation of the “Nine realms of Norse Mythology”, where we will take a closer look at who lives where, together with examples taken from old Norse tales. Follow along to Odin’s gigantic Valhalla, Ægir’s glistening golden hall and Tjasse’s Trymheim. Worth keeping in mind is that there also are examples of these tales hinted in archaeological artefacts, which makes them all more exciting.

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  • Catherine Anne Abram

    Hail THE ALL FATHER, Huginn Muninn hear me……what newfound joy to delight here. I adore this place…Jul and Skol

  • markuss

    just found this site through the rune article and there is so much to learn! all the beautiful jewelry the interesting and well thought and educated posts and the backgrounds and runecreator! what a gem!!

  • Vacilya

    I could be wrong but every version of Ratatosk I’ve known had depicted him as provoking Nidhögg and the Eagle with untrue insults.That’s why the Eagle flaps at the top of the tree, trying to uproot it, and Nidhögg gnaws the roots.They’re in a competition to see who can kill the tree first.Like I said, that’s just the versions I’ve heard and this could just be another of the story.

  • mattiash

    I love these and love learning about the history of nordic peoples!