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What is Valhyr?

What is Valhyr?

A small independent clothing brand from Estonia. It started as an instgram account to post random pagan inspired doodles on to relax after busy work days. At one point people started asking for merch, I thought about it and thought I'll go all out and make a clothing line while we are at it. That has been a dream since childhood for me cause at one point I had a neighbour who had their own clothing shop and designing clothes seemed like the coolest thing ever to me. And so this is how we are here today!

The vision and dream

The aim is to create clothing that expresses your knowledge and passion for history, folklore and mythology related subjects - but with the twist being that the clothes look like regular stylish apparel. Only those who understand the references will understand the deeper meaning of each item. Currently I create these designs alone but in the near future wish to collaborate with different artists and brands.

Additionally creating fun and interactive things is a goal, so far for example the valhyrik stave and rune translator are some of the things I’ve completed, with a couple of projects in the works and hopefully released during the summer. Also I wish to support creators and people in the community to make them able to create more content, this is to revive the lifestyle in a modern way and to hopefully inspire people into becoming more interested in their ancient past.

Meet the people behind Valhyr


In charge of the site and apparel


In charge of support and logistics