About Us

What is Valhyr?

A clothing brand ran by a brother and sister from Estonia. It started as an instgram account to post random pagan inspired doodles on, but grew into sort of a brand by people asking for merch. I thought about it and thought I'll go all out and make a whole line of clothing. Now it's a dream coming true aimed to create unique and quality apparel mostly inspired by the viking age, norse mythology and folklore related subjects with a twist from modern subjects such as streetwear, snowboarding, smart casual wear and other modern concepts that usually are not mixed together.

The vision and dream

What I aim is to create clothing that expresses your knowledge and passion for these things - but with the twist being that the clothes look regular stylish apparel, only those who know can understand the references. I like to add a deeper meaning to most of my things and to put twists on certain designs so they are interesting to look at. On the backend I wish to support creators and people in the community to make them able to create more content, this is not a means of making money at all - this is to revive the lifestyle in a modern way and to hopefully inspire people into becoming more interested in their ancient past.

What does the future hold?

We're constantly working on new things while testing and tweaking our existing thing we offer. And these are not only centered around apparel but also interactive things such as games, the community market where people could advertise their creations for free, a symbol dictionary and so on. We are all for the community and wish to contribute to it a lot.

Meet the people behind Valhyr


In charge of the site and apparel

@valhyr on instagram


In charge of support and logistics

@anetteprs on instagram