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Halls of the Norse Gods

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Magical Animals of Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is filled with magical heroes, jötunns, gods and places. It is also filled with extraordinary creatures with their own stories and personalities. We will go over some of them in this blogpost, hopefully you will run into a creature you haven’t heard of before and learn together with us.
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Nine Realms of Norse Mythology

Explore the nine realms of the world creation and take a little trip with us around the Yggdrasil. As well as some archaeological finds alluding to the big oak.

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  • martin

    Thank you Elin! I love this idea of weekly articles and learning about this culture! Looking forward to the next one :-)

  • scott hs

    So interesting… may of these I had not heard about yet :P but I’m very new to this as well after playing god of war I got an interest and this is good to further that, love it keep them coming!

  • darkon

    Thank you for these interesting articles!

  • n.nathan

    always looking forward to new ones of these to learn more about the ancient times and lore around it!

  • VanyA

    Very beautiful and inspiring description of Gods halls! Elin, I very appreciate these remarkable details you brought and comprehensive research you made. I feel your connection to this heritage, indeed,-) Elin the Mooselady, Keep doing these wonderful reviews, Hail the Allfather!