About our Store

Inspired by Norse Mythology, Paganism and The Viking Age

We wish to create clothing that is modern for a contemporary and everyday life but with a big touch of mythology, paganism and history included in the designs. The origin of these designs can vary, but our main source of inspiration are northern European legends, culture and historical finds. We aspire to create the best smart and casual street- and sportswear for a pagan or historically interested crowd. Our big goal is to provide you with quality items with unique artistic designs and to always keep evolving as a brand.

A lot of our inspiration comes from Norse mythology, Slavic tales, Baltic folklore and many more cultures! You can always read more about the specific item of your interest. They will always have a thought behind their design and their own story to tell. Many products withhold small details with their own meaning, this meaning can also be individual to whomever wishes to explore them and continue their own story with it. We hope you enjoy our store and want to thank you for your support! Thanks to you we can continue with our goal of maintaining innovative designs, writing informative blog posts, creating new jewellery and expanding creative projects. Together we can explore the past, create something new and go on this big journey of life together! Let’s also have fun along the way!