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Inspired by pagan history and mythology

Custom Stave

Create your own name as a stave, convert it to runes or leave it as is and use it to inspire artwork or tattoos. You can also get it on a piece of apparel for yourself or as a surprise gift for someone special!

Merch items are back!

What are merch items?

Merch items are based on the drawings I post on instagram, mainly featuring references from norse mythology, the viking age and bronze age. The picture is transfered onto existing fabric and is available on hoodies, tanktops, shirts and sweatshirts.

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Community Market

Over at the community market people share what they create. From prints and jewelry to tattoos and cartogtaphy - your trusted source for everything authentic community related!

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About the Store

Inspired by Norse Mythology, Paganism and The Viking Age

We wish to create clothing that appears like normal clothing for a contemporary and everyday life until you realize the elements used in them are of pagan, mythology, slavic or viking origin. We also aspire to create the best smart casual, streetwear, sportswear and street fashion clothing for the pagan crowd. It is our goal to provide great quality items with unique art on them and to evolve and provide for the folk community.

A lot of our inspiration comes from folklore, norse mythology, slavic tales, baltic stories and many other cultures as well. You can read more about each item, what it contains and what is the meaning of it as we wish to incorporate hidden meaninings on most of our products for you to explore! We hope you enjoy these and thank you for your support! Thanks to you we can continue to create new and innovative projects which would bring more people back to their old ways and for the people already on this path to have something fun and interesting to do! Our biggest goal is to research the ancient ancestors and learn more about our roots and the people that grew them for us and with your help all of this is possible