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Where's all the MERCH stuff bro?


I've gotten a lot of questions where the Merch/TypeB stuff has gone and they will be back soon, if you have no idea what the Merch/TypeB items are then I've taken this picture below to show you:

Totally did not edit this picture I'm actually holding them all

The thing with these currently is that the shipping and production prices have gotten very out of hand, I ate the price increases until yesterday (28.04.2020) when the prices increased again :/ So on every product sold I would be paying over 5$ on top. Eventhough I don't care about profits at this stage and want these to reach as many people as possible then that wouldn't be very sustainable.

BUT, I have contacted a plethora of different possible partners and am in the process of testing their quality - not sure if they will meet my standards as I'm very very picky but who knows! Maybe this whole fiasco ends up being a step towards something even better.

All orders that came in with these will be fulfilled of course and sent out within 5 days - they should arrive in two weeks unless there are any delays with the local post offices in your area, but in any case you can contact us at support@valhyr.com if there is any questions or issues with your order!

All the best to you guys and I hope you and your close ones are staying safe!

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  • Jack Place

    These are the best cases Iv had an am getting a new phone so I am needing a new case pretty much willing to pay any price. Please tell me when I can get hold of a new case

  • Zach

    Not sure if you’ve figured out the shipping thing now or not, but count me in as one of the people that wouldn’t mind an extra $5 to help you out so you don’t have to pay it!

  • Leon Everetts

    I’m seeing ads for the phone cases and got excited lol. Now I’m sad because they aren’t available lol

  • Toby Brown

    Do you do phonecases for nokia phones ?