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Apparel inspired by history and archaeology. Replicas or influenced designs


Apparel inspired by nature herself. Large all over prints of scenery and landscapes


Apparel inspired by mythology. References to myths and folklore


Apparel centered around the brand and with drawn artwork

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  • Rebecca Behrens

    Looks like beautiful quality mechandise.

  • Hayati Gök

    Great work. I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate a love of history and science into clothes and you have inspired me. I love your work and will buy something from you just because you deserve to be successful. Keep doing this, and providing inspiration for people to have a more meaningful wardrobe. This is what ‘smart’ clothes should really be, clothes that are designed with a story. Well done

  • Amélie

    Aegishjalmur black or green dress hoodie please? :)

  • Keegan

    Would love to see a design inspired by Latvian runes! I would buy that in a heartbeat. Great work on this!

  • Anton Dotti Eklund

    I’d love to have wool sweaters, thick and thin, with some of these designs. Nice stuff.