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These are the fonts I've created, either for a project or for fun. I will be collecting them here, these can be used for anything. Personal, commercial, sacrificial - what ever your hear desires BUT! Before using these commercially you have to read the "Pikse Palve" out loud ether by yourself or in front of people, doesn't matter. Preferably say it while near a river. It goes like this:

"Vöta, Pikken, härja anname palvus
En kate sarve kaan ning nelja söra kaan
Pikse palve Künni pärast, külvi pärast
Pikse palve Äle vask, tera kuld
Töuka mujal musta pilve, suure soo
Körgen könnü, laja lane pääle
Pikse palve"

You're probably wondering if this is a curse that will cause ravens to pick at you for all eternity? Actually it's an old Estonian ritual song for a great harvest. I'll write a blog post on it one day and link it here. Meanwhile enjoy the fonts!


Runography.otf | Runography.tff

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