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Viking Backgrounds

What is this?

So I think most of you know I do artwork on instagram, if not check out @valhyr I do artworks inspired mostly by the pagan past around the Viking age, heathenry and such. Anyway I've been requested a lot to make these available as backgrounds for either phones or computer. Until now I had not thought of a convenient way to do it, but I think the way I've set this up here is pretty easy to maintain. So this is the place where you can download and use these pictures for personal use! Each picture will have the original name and instagram link so you can learn more about a design you like.

What can these be used for?

They are meant to be used as desktop or mobile backgrounds, but you can use them for anything personal really! If you're crafting something, planning a tattoo or you're a tattoo artist yourself then it would be an absolute honor if you want to use something I've created! Sometimes people have asked if they can use these motifs on leatherworking, wood burning and such as well and the answer is the same - absolutely! I'd be very honored.

Do I need to pay?

No you don't, these are completely free to use for personal use. Especially if you're getting a tattoo, rather invest that money into getting an absolute banger of a tattoo instead of cutting it in half and getting something sub-par. I've had it that for some reason people want to throw money at me so I wont restrict that, I'll probably buy more symbol/history related books with that money so you can donate to my paypal or by grabbing something from the shop, but it's not needed honestly!

How do I use these?

So click on a picture you like, it will open an enlarged version of it and on computer right click and "save image as" and on the phone if you hold down on the picture it should provide you the option to save it.

A design that I like is not on here?

Leave a comment below with the instagram url or a picture of that picture (pictureception) and I will post it soon enough!



  • Derek Carney

    I have your full set of the odins path sweatshirt and joggers. So comfortable and they look amazing. A must have for the modern viking in your lives

  • Michael Hefner

    I’m trying to create a custom stave with my daughters name. I’d like to do it for a tattoo idea that I have but whenever I click on it, it just takes me to apparel. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Naomi Elizabeth

    Absolutely love your work!! I have your Skadi design as a tattoo 💜

  • George Campbell

    I received my Vegvisir hoodie, i am very satisfied with the design and the quality of the garment, thank you very much, best wishes to you and i hope your business thrives, thanks again, George.

  • Liam Patient

    There’s not many artist’s like you. Very open and fucking awesome! Can’t wait to get a full leg piece of your work! SKÅL!

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