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Here you can download the music I've made. This is free for personal use but also free for all kinds of youtube videos, even monetized. Attribution is not required although it is greatly appreciated.


I'll list all the tracks below so you can either listen to them on youtube, or directly download it from here. I upload them on a site called upload.ee cause they allow me to upload .wav files. Also if the links are broken or anything let me know in the comments and I'll fix them asap. You can also download these straight off of youtube if you search "youtube to mp3"


2) Den of Wodanaz | YOUTUBEDOWNLOAD


4) Astronomia/Coffin Dance (But it's a Viking age ship burial) | YOUTUBEDOWNLOAD

5) Sandstorm (But its a Viking age helm plate depicting the events) | YOUTUBEDOWNLOAD

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  • theo

    eyo this store cool :) you just seem rad so i honestly am not mad about the prices

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