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Fleet V - Words of Vigor

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Words of Vigor

Table of contents

1) Thors Path
2) Fjorgyn Collaboration
3) Jewelry
4) Music
5) Fleet V Spoils of War - Giveaway

Thors Path


This design features the face of Thor on the back with elements associated with him like the Mjölnir noseguard, whales on both side of the helmet and much more. The V shaped design features small Mjölnirs and stories to fill it in. To find out more about each small detail then check out one of the products story section.

Fjorgyn Collaboration


This is a collaboration with the talented Mooselady. It's inspired by 16th century maps, comes in two color variations and features elements from folklore on it as well as runestones and other landmarks. This map design shows Sweden, Estonia and Finland on it mostly (Because she is from Sweden and I'm from Estonia so kinda like a reference you know).

About collaborations

These are something new I intend to do every now and then, where 50% of the profits would go to the person that I collaborate with. I'm not sure how often these will happen because of the logistics and everything behind it, but it's an interesting idea I intend to play around with in the future as well.


About Jewelry

So drawing stuff is pretty fun, but it's even more fun to do stuff from metal I found out. Starting with 4 designs, the parents of Thor and two Mjölnirs - these are made from bronze by me and my friend Raido from over here in Estonia. We will start with 30 of each and when they sell out we will refill the stock as fast as we can crank these out, we're also going to experiment with other metals but bronze was a good one to start with. They come with a linen ribbon and can be used as necklaces, keychain additions, altar pieces or what ever you wish to be honest. To learn more about the details on each one check out the products story section.



What? Where? How?

So the giveaway, as always everything can be found on my instagram account below - I'll post all the details on the 16th of April. Good luck!



A huge thank you to all of the people that have supported this. This is why we have come this far. We started with the jewelry thing back in 2020 August and it's been a lot of failures on top of failures but now finally it's at a place where I'm happy with the results. This would have not been possible without your constant support so a big big thank you and let's see what fun jorney should we take up next time!

In addition I'd like to thank some people who have made this fleet be possible, without you it would have probably taken another year or would have been impossible overall

Raido for being my partner in jewelry making and setting up our sex dungeon so that it feels comfortable and keeping it clean from all kinds of juices

Mooselady for the amazing collab, suggesting the Thors Path V design and the help and positivity throughout the whole fleets process

Rea and Siiri for taking care of the support very well and keeping things moving and people happy

Angeelika for keeping the merch section up and running, logistics and taking care of the returns and everything

Heilika for helping with packing, being ready to help out on the last minute and logistics

Argo for being a sexy model

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  • Beth Macy

    Love your incredible designs!