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FLEET IV - Winter Solstice

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Winter Solstice


So this time I wanted to step back a bit and into focus my thoughts to the beginnings - lately a lot of my designs have fallen into the same alley in my opinion with monochrome themes and mostly about the Erilaz category of designs. So I wanted to do colorful stuff for a change and show love to the Nomad section of things, cause there has not been a single new Nomad release since the store launch. And what other perfect time to do colorful stuff than yule! So this time the emphasis is on colors, winter and nomadic designs - hope you enjoy this change for this fleet!

Table of contents

1) New designs
2) New items
3) New features
4) New merchants on the community market
5) Music
6) Fleet IV Spoils of War - Giveaway


Winter Solstice

A snowy hill with the solar cross on it to merge realistic and abstract features. It's this kind of a design pattern that I have in mind for new Nomad section releases as well where its a mix of realistic and abstract elements.


A more festive style with huskarl with decorated shields on the sides and pügalrist (octagram) designs with odal runes. The design appears as if it's knitted but is still on the same fabric we use for our clothing.

Autumn Voyage

Similar to the spruce forest designs this one features more autumn colors and a large Vegvisir thus the name autumn voyage.

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Another festive design with two shamans and their drums celebrating a spruce tree. In this case the spruce tree is symbolizing the world tree, with again pügalrist and odal runes running on the design.

Spruce Needle

A design that was initially apart of the Nomad section but got removed, it's now revamped and back in action with an inverted Valhyr logo on the front for all designs except the faux-wool hoodie which is just the spruce pattern around the item.


Inspired by a folk pattern that is famous on the Estonian island known as Kihnu. Patterns are in honor there with each family having their own certain sequence that is passed down with generations. This design is inspired by many different ones already found on that island.




The picture above illustrates how the same blue color is used on two different designs. This way you can match your clothing easily. Currently the new designs are unified and some older ones but I'll slowly unify all of the designs so your world's oldest pants would fit with your torslunda hoodie. Will update you through the email service when this is ready!


With the whole situation in the world a lot of tracking services are malfunctioning and post offices dont update their information as often as possible. So I developed a in-site tracking thing again that pulls from many sources to get information, this will also work for packages that you've ordered from other places btw. But this is so that you guys always know where your package is or whats up with it. You can find the new tracking interface here



Barbariann is a history inspired jewelry for modern Vikings and Slavs - Thor's Hammers, beard beads, bracelets and many more. The idea was born during long years behind a corporate desk. It was a dream for so long that most probably I still look surprised every morning when I make the coffee in my very own studio even though my journey started in 2015. The studio is my magical space where each piece begins as a wax sculpture to be cast in silver or bronze. All items are handmade by me - Anna. I'm also the owner, designer, the one and only production worker, customer service, logistic and optimist here.



And some more music, this time kinda trap-esque like the horfmyrk track a while ago.


What? Where? How?



So this was a more calm Fleet to finish off the year, the next one is planned to be overdo Fleet 3 with the current vision, let's see how much of that will come to reality :D

Thank you everyone for your continued support, for sharing pictures of the tattoos you've gotten of the designs and pictures of you wearing the apparel. It really is very motivating and awesome to see!

While theres still a month to go until a new year I still wish you a great years end, as this is the final fleet that will fit into 2020, stay strong!

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  • Uffe Kristensen

    Hygge hoodies – are they ideal for winter swimming? Meaning, after you’ve been in the water, can they serve the purpose of keeping you warm and can you maybe use them to change swimpants underneath? Skål!