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FLEET III - Words of Wisdom

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Words of Wisdom


The emphasis of this fleet was to nail down what a fleet should even be. From now on each fleet will have a theme and a deity or hero assigned to it around which most of everything will spin. This time that deity is Odin and from it the subtitle "Words of Wisdom" as the design features words from Havamal as well as chants plus the fleet introduces a new font so it all ties together.

In addition I wish to bring a lot more than just products with each new release, that's why on this fleet you can also find music, a font and backgrounds. From which the latter has been around for some time now, but I've added a couple new ones and will constantly update it. Moving forward I wish to bring new stuff in all of these new categories with each new fleet. You can learn more about each of these and other new things from below.

Table of contents

1) New designs
2) New items
3) Merch returns
4) New merchants on the community market
5) Backgrounds
6) Music
7) Font
8) Fleet III Spoils of War - Giveaway


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Sun Wheel Line

This design features sever sun symbols but most importantly it's another development in what types of things will be released moving forward. My idea is that with each fleet there will be atleast one so called "polite" design and then a more detailed one in honor of the character in play.

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Pagan Line

This is the second part of the new polite and more subtle designs. It came about as since I dont feel like wearing super out there clothing everyday and I'm sure most people feel that way. We didn't have a very subtle design yet so thats how this was born. I plan to have several other words as well, in runes as well - but to start with is the word Pagan as I feel this word describes this lovely community the most and really brings together all the different cultures and people that are apart of the pagan community.

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Geri and Freki Line

Geri and Freki, the two wolves of Odin. Like his ravens they are a metaphor for characteristics of a person, meaning greed and averice - essentially they both mean the lust for riches or self gain, disregarding others. The design features the two wolves on the front and down the sleeves run longships with wolves hunting the men inside. This is a reference to the ships sailing in the underworld and the wolves hunting them are the wolves that scavenge the battlefield after a war has ended as it's said that Geri and Freki would eat the corpses on a battlefield. Similar stories can be found from Estonian mythology as well where wolves are the ones that could eat the soul and hunt for you even in the underworld.

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Odin's Path Line

The Allfather himself featured on the back. This design is very detailed with references throughout the design, you can read more about it on any of the products. The idea behind this came from looking at viking burial ships and artwork in general, they are very detialed, very carefully constructed and tell a story. So I got to thinking - the vikings took long voyages, sailing to all parts of the known world and even beyond, perhaps their designs were so detailed so that on these long voyages they could look at these and tell stories to pass time. This design aims to fill in that place in your life as well, while on a road trip or out waiting with your friends, there are things to talk about throughout this design. The sleeves feature the 18 spell songs of Odin from Havamal, with 9 on each sleeve. The back features the face of the Allfather in a Vendel era helmet style, you know the ones with the very detailed plates. As well as the beard is made up of the opening words of Havamal. A lot of stories on this one, check an item to learn more so I dont make this fleet overview too long!



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What are merch items?

If you're not familiar, merch items are those which feature a single design from my instagram on the front and a small logo on the back. These were also known as the Type B items, but I've renamed them to Type M cause calling them type B in my opinion gave the impression that they are somehow inferior, which they arent.

New Dresshoodies

Merch item's are now also available as dresshoodies. These are made of a 80% cotton 20% polyester blend, a three paneled hood and with a microfleece finish inside that makes it very soft on the skin. The hoodie is breathable and fits best outside during the summer, spring and autumn while indoors it serves it's purpose throughout the year.


Myrkra Staðr

One of a kind jewellery created in Scotland. Inspired by Nordic cultures and Art Nouveau, Coralie from Myrkra Staðr creates unique jewellery, using gemstones, copper and tin. Using the old to inspire the new, she hopes to provide pieces that can be passed down for generations.


Asgardian Apparel

Here at Asgardian Apparel everything we do is driven by our passion for the myths and legends of ancient Scandinavia. For as long as we can remember we have been captivated by the stories of Thor, Odin, Asgard and the Nine Realms. Our clothing is not only designed to look great but to tell their stories and honour the old ways. Each of our designs has been hand made by us or with other members of the community to create something truly unique and special. As Protectors of Midgard we believe it is our duty to look after it so where we can we use sustainable or responsibly sourced materials to minimise our impact on nature. Finally we are community driven - we are inspired by and love working with the talented and diverse people out there. Each of our products pays tribute to that spirit. We hope you love what we have to offer.


Thorsonn's Workshop

Thorsonns Workshop is the home of handmade pagan crafts inspired by Mythology History and Magick. Open for two years now, it is the creation of Terry / Thorsonn (whichever name you want to use) who is a practicing Shaman who began on his path 15 years ago. Much of the sigil magick and bind rune work is created specifically for each individual, meaning you will get something truly unique and magickal.



These have been on the site for some time already but I'll add them here as well for those who have not seen them yet. These can be used for your phone or computer as well as for inspiartion and tattoos, people have asked for higher resolution images so they could either trace them or look at the detail so these should serve that purpose. You don't have to ask for any extra permissions or anything, only thing I restrict with these is using them for commercial purposes unless you're a tattoo artist, tattoo artists can list these in their shops and no attribution or anything is required but it is appreciated.


I'm looking into creating more music, I mainly use them in my own videos but I want to share these with you as well cause quite a few people have asked "WAT IS DAT SONG" so I figure someone must also like these. Similar to backgrounds only thing I restrict is using these for commercial purposes but you can use them in your monetized youtube videos and no attribution is required but it is appreciated. To download the songs click on the button below, it will take you to the music section.


And finally a new cool thing I've come to love is creating fonts, so here is the first go - its in the calligraffiti style and is used on the Odin's Path hoodie as well. This can be used both personally and commercially, that means you can take the font, write something, put it on a shirt and sell it but you must say the "Pikse Palve" out loud, you can be alone or in a crowd it doesnt matter you just need to say it. You might ask "What happens if I dont?" well go ahead and try if you think you're above the old gods. Again attribution is not required but greatly appreciated.


What? Where? How?



First and foremost I would like to thank every single person that has supported this and followed Valhyr on either facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube or wherever. Thanks to you people this is even possible and thanks to your support stuff like this is possible, it took quite a chunk to make this one happen but I'm pretty happy with it :D Owards to even bigger things, which hopefully will come sooner this time!

With this Fleet I've asked actually a lot of people to help me, cause doing it alone I understood I could never make it happen. I would like to give a massive thank you to
Rea for being an absolute pro at managing things, keeping everyone sane and things running - hopefully you stay sane as well!
Angeelika for sinking all those hours into getting merch back on track, without you the merch item's simply would not exist!
The Mooselady for encouragement on things I was unsure about and helping me with advice when I needed it!
The Mountain Shaman because when I dont thank him I'm pretty sure I'll get hexed, no actually for also providing his thoughts and time!
Theo, Anni and Ebeli for filming with me and putting up with my perfection and doing every shot 91234 times!
Raido for several things which I can not reveal yet, but soon you'll see everyone! :D

And finally as is customary, a piece of wisdom...

"If you're still not following Arith Härger on youtube then what are u even doin bro?"

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