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FLEET II - Welcome the Valkyries

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A quick word

Another fleet sails in, which also signals the end of this voyage. If you wish to learn more what a Fleet covers you can read it here

As I don’t have a general theme set in place yet cause there is a lot of things I want to do, then this time there are a variety of things. First of all leggings and dresshoodies for women, two new designs - one more subtle and the other more “out-there” design. As well as several requested pieces and others which I felt would work on different items.

You can find the teaser videos for this Fleet as well as a quick menu below of the things covered:

Table of contents

1) New designs
2) New items
3) New merchants on the community market
4) New features
5) Fleet II Spoils of War - Giveaway
6) What does the future hold?

New Designs

Torslunda Plates

I’ve always been drawn towards stuff that references the Viking age or later but is done in an earlier era, giving us the hint how far reaching these stories and everything is. I’ve tried to accomplish a really high-tier fashion design with these, as they appear kind of a regular pattern from a far but coming closer you see the details and everything

Tyr's Path

This design reaches back to November I believe. It started out as something for Odin instead, I will still be doing similar things for Odin and Njördr as that’s what I initially set out to do and if people like these then I’ll follow up with other deities as well. It’s just these take a lot of time and planning to accomplish as I don’t want them to look too edgelordy.

Anyway the first iteration you can see here. This was a runestone for Odin, the idea was to have a ton of references and possibly feature all the references known to us right now. I don’t even know how it evolved to Tyr’s Path but it did – so here you can see when I first set the swords in stone so to say.

Following with a first iteration of Tyr’s head here – but I felt this didn’t quite do it. So meanwhile I tried to do the Fenrir sleeve which I was unsatisfied with as well. Then I had another go at both – again unsatisfied (you can see the scrapped version video very soon, I'll add it here).

I then didn’t sketch it with a pencil anymore and was like okay if you really grant me the honor of doing this design I can do it from scratch to finish in one go. So I did it with a pen straight away, sadly I did not film this time cause I was certain it will fail, luckily I was satisfied with the result

So that’s the back story of this design, if you wish to know all the details and such, then head over to one of the items and the description there features it’s detailed description.


So these have been requested probably the most, but I didn’t want these to be large front designs, like really out there. I wanted these to be more personal, but so you could still carry the sign and it’s meaning with you. So I had help from a dear person on designing and fixing these and I’m pretty happy with the results. They are small but you know you are carrying the power and energy with you, until I move onto jewelry this is a way for you to take the charm with you. Since there is many of these I will list them below by each item category for easier navigation - you can browse the meaning of that symbol under there

New Items

A quick word on the items

With this I wanted to focus more on our shieldmaidens and Valkyries. These products are intended for them although I have to admit to some ergi behaviour here, I tried the leggings on myself as well lol and they are comfortable af. I could totally see myself using these with a rashguard when grappling lol. I gave a few of these to people I know and received very positive feedback, the same is with the dresshoodies – people were very satisfied and gave very positive feedback so I’m happy to introduce these. I wanted to introduce skirts as well, but I was not satisfied with how they turned out so perhaps these will follow later. You can see them below with a small surprise item as well:


The dress hoodies are from the same cotton/poly blend fabric that is used for the hoodies and sweatshirts. They are longer than regular hoodies so they leave this unique look, the sizes are a bit on the smaller side so going one up is suggested on these compared to other unisex items.

Click on any image to open the dresshoodie section


The leggings are from a stretchy and breathable material, I've currently added 18 different styles with more to come later. From the feedback I've learned these great for both exercise and regular wear, so an all around performer

Click on any image to open the leggings section


The stickers have been requested a lot, they are intended more for indoor use but I have tried mine outside and currently they are okay. But the partner I have for these suggest them to be rather used indoors, the size of a sheet is 5.5 inches so thats like 14cm

Click on any image to open the stickers section

New Merchants

Raw North

I have always been drawn to mythology and history.The tales and the characters have always inspired me even as a child.I am very thankful for the people who kept them alive and transferred them to me in the best possible way.

As i was growing up i realized the qualities that these tales included.I just needed to isolate them and present them.This is what it is all about.Presenting the things that move and inspire me.The things that intrigue me and set my curiosity in motion.The things that i want to uncover and the qualities i value.

Visit Raw North here

Theater Of War

Theatre of War is an independent company that specialises in creating designs based on Archaeological finds and historical illustrations. Their designs range from Prehistory up to the Viking Age and they also specialize in custom works based on actual artefacts from history

Visit Theater Of War here

Heathens Greetings US

Hello, I'm JM Olofsson. I am the acting shaman of Urdr Dypt Kindred in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA. I began crafting in 2018.

I sensed a desire within the heathen community worldwide for quality heathen made, hand made goods. I seek to honor the gods and reconnect myself and others with our roots and lost paths. From all this my store was born. My hope is that I can provide you with something to make your journey along this path more fulfilling.

Visit Heathens Greetings here

What is the Community Market?

It's for people who create stuff in the pagan/heathen community so to say. As about 4000 people visit this site daily I want to provide more for these visitors and I want to support the people who help expand this community and care for it! So that's why I think a community market would be a good idea.

If you're interested in participating yourself or you know someone then please we all are waiting to meet you! Just send 4 pictures of your favorite work, a short description and a picture or logo of yourself to jarl@valhyr.com and add "commarket" in the subject so I can find those emails more easily :)

Visit the Community Market

New Features

Quick overview

1) This announcements section, where I’ll post about new releases, projects and any other news related to the site side of things. The blog and everything else will be under the “Reading” section

2) Overall more emphasis on explaining things, such as product descriptions, ideas and vision behind the projects, more view into what goes on behind the scene – with the announcements section now opened here, I want to involve you more and more into what I do but I’m slowly learning as well :D

3) New product page layout, I’ve removed the “Order details” as those really fit under the “Product details” section I believe. And on some screens the “add to cart” button was out of the screen so I fixed that by putting it upwards on the site

4) I’ve opened a youtube channel as well, you can see it on the main page here. On there I’ll have small talks, videos of drawings and perhaps teasers/videos for the clothing line and different projects I’m working on sort of like a documented series, I’m still figuring that one out :D

5) Updates to the community market

6) Review section! That can be found on the button below

Visit the reviews page


Will be announcing tomorrow !

What? Where? How?

This time around I want to provide even more chances to win. All the winners will be announced on my instagram as well as under this post. You can win multiple prizes so you can participate on all of these and win in each. I try to keep these rather complicated so less people will participate so your chances are better :D Anyway so here's how you can win:

CREATIVITY: April 18th - April 20th, 2020

How to participate:

1) Go to this post here

2) Write a creative way how I should pick the winners for other raffles. Ie "draw their names on sticks, try to burn them all, see which remain, pick those as winners" or smth

3) Voila, you're now a part of this giveaway

Prize: 3 winners, 60$ Giftcard each on the Valhyr.com page

COMMUNITY: April 18th - April 25th, 2020

How to participate:

1) Take a picture of the Odal handsign shown here

2) Post it as a picture on instagram and use the hashtag #valhyrfleet2

3) Voila, you're now a part of this giveaway

Prize: 3 winners, randomly chosen - 1st place 30$, 2nd place 60$, 3rd place 90$ Giftcard on the Valhyr.com page

COMMENTING: April 18th - April 25th, 2020

How to participate:

1) Find my youtube channel, I will not link it but it's not hard to find - so take this is a searching exercise :D

2) On my last video just leave something as a comment and include your instagram name at the end. Something like "Gib free stuf -Lilpablo" where Lilpablo would be your instagram name

3) Voila, you're now a part of this giveaway

Prize: 3 winners, randomly chosen - 1st place 30$, 2nd place 60$, 3rd place 90$ Giftcard on the Valhyr.com page

The Future

Quick overview

As time’s change every day then it’s hard to plan anything for sure, but so far I’ve gone pretty much as planned – just some things take way longer than expected. But what’s safe to say is the things I’m currently working on a lot are as follows:

1) Symbols dictionary and their learning process, this includes a fun and interactive thing for you as well which you can play around with

2) More phone models and more designs for phone cases

3) Handmade shiny things from the depths of Estonia :)


Final words

If you've read this far then wow thank you! I hope at least one of you makes it here haha :D But anyway, thank you so much for the support, love and motivation you have given me throughout the first year of the whole Valhyr thing and first few months of the site!

I honestly can't put into words how dear to my heart I hold your well wishes, ideas, suggestion and compliments - it's you to who I make this and seeing such a positive feedback gives me so much energy and passion to continue. I'm looking into giving back a lot more and still figuring everything out on my part, it's very reassuring to have you along with me on this path, journey, voyage what ever you may call it I'm glad we tread this together! And now what I want to do at the end of these posts, is leave you with a snippet of wisdom, so:

"Yo follow Arith Härger on youtube for paganism related content"

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