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Get your custom full-sleeve viking tattoo, pagan t-shirt design for your business or any design you would like for any occasion!

Get in touch
Write down your idea, add reference pictures(if possible) and email it to me.

Lets work together
I send you a sketch and we work together to achieve the best result.

Enjoy your design!
Use it as a tattoo, company logo, tshirt design or what you wish!


Thank you for considering me and for your interest! I've listed below the terms and what I would need from you as well as how to contact me!

• Email. Send your request to the email listed below and add "Commission" into your email header and provide as much details as you can, if you have reference pictures/art then that helps a lot too!

• Revisions. Each commission comes with 2 FREE revisions, so you get the perfect result for yourself! Every additional revision is an extra 50$. Revisions can be used on the sketch and final stage

• Payment. With each commission there is a 50% upfront pay - once that is paid I will start working on your commission right away, the rest you pay when the job is finished. Payments are made through PayPal.

• Examples and prices. I've noted below what kind of things can be done and what my style is like, I can't really imitate other styles so make sure my style is what fits you. I've also listed the estimated price and time it takes to finish them. You can also see my artwork on my instagram.

• Commercial use. If the main purpose of your commission is reselling to make profit then add 500$ to your already existing price.
If however your purpose is other than reselling - this fee is not needed. Example: you have commissioned a company logo and just want to make a couple of shirts for personal use or if you have gotten a personal art piece and want to order a shirt for personal use.

• Finish. Once the order is complete, I will send the HD files to your email. Please note that these are digital files only, and not physical prints that I will be sending out.

• Prints & Apparel. If you would like these as prints or on apparel I can provide that service too. For this note it in your email and we can go over the price.

So everything sounds nice?
Good! I'm excited to see what you have in mind and to work with you! You can reach out to me at


Below I've listed some of my work and what the estimated price for those would be. This does not mean you have to pick from these, you can always send me an email with your idea and the style you'd ideally want!


The sigils can be used as tattoos, carvings, bookcovers and so on. Let me know what symbol you would like represented and I'll combine something that would remain somewhat true to the core as well, basing it on existing designs then.

Price: 150 $

Time: 2-5 days

Minimal design

The minimal design could be anything that fits mainly as a logo or piece of art that is served small, so it does not feature a lot of details but has enough characteristics as to remain interesting and unique to look at.

Price: 280 $

Time: 2-5 days

Knotwork Design

The knotwork designs are more detailed and highly inspired by the viking age styles. These would fit for many things like tattoos, larger logos, wall designs and so on.

Price: 380 $

Time: 4-8 days

Detailed design

The detailed designs are something like my deity path ones, which feature references throughout the design. Either let me know what references you would like included or let me figure them out myself based on your request.

Price: 650 $

Time: 1-2 weeks

Merch & Selling

If you wish to resell the design in larger numbers then pick a design style you like and add 500$ on top of it and you can sell them as much as you humanly can market them.

Add to price: 500 $

Time: Depending on style


A full sleeve design for one arm, let me know of the style and what you would like depicted on there - this one includes more back and forth communication as I will send you each part of the design separately to confirm you are happy with that element.

Price: 1200 $

Time: 2-3 weeks

And much more styles!

If your preferred style is not listed here then no worries, reach out to me and we'll go over how long it would take and what the price might be!

Reach out to me at


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